Since we started sahroo, we’ve had the two pieces of the Cosmos Diamond Set fluttering in the back of my mind. Yet we didn’t feel brave enough to design such an exclamation-point-worthy, over-the-top matching set until we went deeper into our sahroo journey. Only this season did we understand just how fitting this set is for the sahroo bride in just about every way: It has attitude, but elegance in spades; it’s a little bit extravagant, but more than that, functional; and above all, it doesn’t take itself too seriously — it’s just simply fun.

Our artisans hand-embellished a soft raw silk with square glass crystals (which, as with all our crystals, are recyclable!). We use a shiny, silver silk thread — double-looped, because these crystals are heavy! — to secure the embellishments to the fabric. While we can’t use diamonds themselves to fully embellish this piece, I wanted its bra to sparkle as if it had been.

The Cosmos Diamond Set piece has been handcrafted by no less than six artisans. The karigar, our specialists who specialize in hand-embellishing, work for more than 48 hours on the Diamond Bra and more than 75 hours on the Diamond Shorts — a true labor of love for sahroo and for you.

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