Our craft is an ode to old-world tradition, undertaken with the mediums of new-age opulence. Come with us to discover the grand journey of your sahroo, from the vibrant, bustling marketplaces of the subcontinent all the way to the last leg of the course: you.


We scour bustling marketplaces in the subcontinent for the finest and purest fabrics. We work exclusively with the finest silks, which must be chosen with a most discerning eye, and in old-world methods, that goes beyond sight alone. Often, artisans will pull one silk thread from the edge of their bolt of fabric and set it alight in front of us. If it burns cleanly into ash, it’s pure silk. But if it’s heat resistant and melts into a plastic, it’s impure or mixed with synthetics, or even processed alongside harmful chemicals — none of which is perfection, and none of which we’ll tolerate in our garments.


The silks are hand-dyed and then set to dry in the sun, allowing them to ripen to color in an ecologically-considerate way. Why use excess energy when nature provides all we need? The sunning process is presided over by the most-skilled of artisans, who can distinguish even the slightest differences between hues and know exactly when the fabric has reached a sumptuous shade of sahroo.


Each piece is lovingly and meticulously hand-embellished by our third-generation artisans, with each embellishment—from fluttering ostrich feathers to glimmering diamante crystals—having been hand-chosen by our founder and creative director Sarah Abbasi. She personally places each embellishment on the fabric of prototype garments, designing all details with careful attention.


The fabric is then cut, entirely by hand, by our master tailor. With more than three decades of experience, he doesn’t sew a stitch himself, but presides, over the artisans carefully undertaking the sewing, adding a ceremonial calm to the process.


The whole is more magical than simply the sum of the parts. Like the world’s most luxurious jigsaw puzzle, our expert tailors carefully piece together the sections of each garment and finally unveil the finished piece—the sublime culmination of a many-step process.