sahroo is devoted to ensuring that every step of our process is environmentally conscientious. as we evolve and learn both as a brand and individual human beings, we will continue updating our methods to best steward our planet. as of august 2019, our entire business has gone carbon-neutral with the help of carbon fund, use only recycled materials for all our packaging and paper goods, offsetting each delivery with carbon-neutral shipping, sahroo’s low-impact mission extends to our artisans, who implement low-waste policies in regard to practices like fabric conservation and reuse of dyes. each garment is only ever worked on by singular artisans, utilizing only their hands, their skill, and their personal sewing machine; no production-line, high-energy use, or high-waste practices go into your hand crafting your sahroo. finally, we are committed to providing fair wages for—and advocating for the fair treatment of—these workers, an integral branch of the international sahroo family. with massive natural disasters such as the massive wildfires in both siberia and the amazon rainforest leading to never-before seen forest destruction, we’re doubling our efforts at planting going forward. every sahroo order plants 10 trees. as part of our commitment to mindful luxury, we release only one hundred garments per look. this practice allows us to further honor nature, from the elimination of product waste during production to preventing market-flooding of any one piece, thus retaining the heirloom-like individuality of each sahroo garment.