SAHROO is a handcrafted, ethically-minded luxury bridal collection ushering in a new tradition of luxury and opulence. Nature, in all its beauty, is our starting point. Founded by creative director Sarah Abbasi in the heart of the New York City in 2018, Our bridal collection are composed of handcrafted garments from the finest pure skill for the moments that serve as creased dog-ears in our personal histories. For us, true luxury means fine craftsmanship married with superior customer experience.

To maintain true sustainability, and provide our brides with ever-luxurious and exclusively cherished pieces, we hand-craft only 100 pieces per each bridal look. This is a story behind every garments, all told by local artisans who are masters of their craft; hand-dyers, hand-embellishes, and expert tailors oversee the cutting and sewing of each individual piece. We create treasure to last as long as love-for your yourself, for your partner, and for the planet.

We believe true sustainability begins with our own wellness journeys from within and that conscientious clothing ia an extension of our physical wellbeing. With that cannon. sahroo is a much beautiful clothing as it is about contributing to a more beautiful world throughout each step of our supply chain. In our continue partnership with one Tree Planted , we are dedicated to planting 10 trees for each order placed.