We do so much to live a conscious, non-toxic lifestyle, and that commitment is not always just pegged to the fresh start that January presents. We know our brides do, too, which is why we make an effort to extend that holistic lifestyle into our self-care as much as we can without it becoming burdensome. That includes our nailcare, which comprise an infamously problematic industry, particularly in New York City. (If you haven't read Sarah Maslin Nir's 2015 expose about the widespread abuses in nail salons, you should. ASAP.)

That's why, today, we're talking non-toxic mani-pedis and the spots we get our nails done here in our Big Apple hometown that don't contain, well, toxins. Read on for the highlights.

JINsoon Natural Hand-Foot Spa is the original haven for safe, luxurious pampering courtesy of founder Jin Soon Choi, a verified fashion-and-beauty legend. All four salons — in the East and West Village, the Upper East Side and Tribeca — have been inspired by her Korean heritage, with natural woods, airy lighting and tranquil interiors. Get the Breath of Milk and Honey for a yummy treatment that involves both ingredients.

If you want a non-toxic manicure that goes chip-free for, like, two weeks (...seriously), try out Sundays, a lovely little spot just off Madison Square Park. This vegan and nontoxic salon describes itself as "a sanctuary of wellness and self-care," and it's not wrong — which you'll know the second you sink into one of those buttery pedicure chairs.

Then there's Tenoverten, which now offers spaces in Austin and Los Angeles as well as four right here in New York. For any crazy-hectic New Yorker in the crazy-sticky summertime, there's nothing better than a treatment at its Houston Street studio that comes complete with its private outdoor terrace. We know no truer luxury!

Treat yo self!