Alexa Peretz, an actress living in New York City, chose our exquisite Victoria Caftan to ring in her stunning wedding weekend in romantic Tuscany. Alexa, you were positively radiant, glowing from the inside out whether or not you were wearing sahroo.

“Wearing my sahroo pieces made me feel like a modern version of my favorite Old Hollywood movie stars. The groom and I both wore all white as we welcomed our guests and showed them around the vineyards, ending in a candlelit welcome dinner. I have to say, walking through the vineyards of Chianti in feathers and rhinestones was the stuff of dreams. I’m so grateful to sahroo for being a bright light during the wedding process and working with me to create something special and unique that worked with my body. Every woman is a goddess, and sahroo honors that. But I have to say, maybe the greatest miracle in all of this was not getting any red wine on my kaftan.”

Gorgeous, Right?!