a rose(or wedding look) by any other name...

Dear SAHROO Brides,

You more than anyone know just how quickly the wedding industry is evolving, and for the better. At last, couples are making their weddings their own, which, in theory, shouldn't be such a revolutionary concept. But it is, and that's why we're here.

Just as many of our brides are now seeking more wearable pieces for their special days, many are even abandoning the color white altogether. After all, "bridal white" hasn't always been the traditional standard in Western culture — far from it. It didn't enter the zeitgeist until 1840, when Queen Victoria married King Albert wearing a dress made of white lace.

Non-white bridal gowns and outfits are a trend on which we'll happily hop on board. Celebrity brides have made it a habit, like Mandy Moore's dreamy, baby pink Rodarte number at her 2018 wedding. Even more recently, baby blue gowns kept cropping up on the Fall 2019 Bridal Fashion Week runways. 

Here at sahroo, we're all for it. And if you'd prefer a glossy white gown that has tradition blotting out of its seams, we're all for you, too.

Above all, we're obsessed with the idea of "you" — making you feel like the strongest, kindest and most holistic version of yourself, for your wedding and beyond. Your wedding is a celebration, so with the New Year in our favor, why not embrace your innate and childlike sense of play and expand your palette with a splash of color, be it a drop or a bucket?   

Ease in with a super-soft pastel, like sahroo's signature pink — a creamy, barely-there hue — or double-down in something bright with a bit of bite. We like red... Don't you?