We at sahroo believe that self-love should be luxurious as often as it can be. We also believe that self-love and luxury should be as eco-friendly as it can be. In honoring ourselves in an ecologically mindful way, we are honoring Mother Nature by extension. This idea is at the very heart of sahroo: Not only do we want to make luxurious garments that make brides feel like the goddesses they are, but we want to do so in a way that leaves the smallest carbon footprint possible.

In that vein, let’s talk about travel. Travel can be a daunting activity to make green when it’s easy to be mindful of our contributions to the environment when we’re working those ideals into our daily routines. Luckily for us, a growing number of resorts are adopting green practices that give back to the breathtaking nature around them, taking the eco-guilt out of travel.

Our Founder and Creative Director Sarah Abbasi compiled a few of the ecologically mindful resorts she admires, and we know you’ll swoon over them like we did.

The Brando

The Brando, located in French Polynesia on the uniquely special private island of Tetiaroa, is something from an eco-friendly fairytale. The resort was designed to pay homage to Polynesian culture and traditions, and as such, its devotion to stewardship of the island is as important as its devotion to making the experience for visitors truly magical. Swim in sparkling waters shared with sea turtles and a myriad of rainbow-hued fish, and listen to the chorus of exotic birdsong from one of the 35 luxury villas. The Brando is well on its way to being totally carbon-neutral; a shared goal with sahroo, as we’ve gone carbon-neutral as of 2019! Read more about the resort’s own devotion to stewardship here.