The Garments and Fit

Our garments are not simply clothes - but rather highly functional, beautiful pieces that will stand the test of time in your closet. All three garments (blazer, halter, and trousers) were engineered to be incredibly flattering with indulgent colors and opulent embellishments. As we own the production

We have created two stunning outfits:

the ultimate pantsuit: with no less than five pockets - you don't even need a purse (which are frankly overrated these days). Hands-free and hands down the best decision you’ve made.

the matching set: Undeniably chic, our matching set is a risque play on our pantsuit, with an open back.

The accessory - there is nothing chicer than colored fur, it has the undeniable ability to elevate any and every garment. However, we couldn’t justify using real fur - so we sourced the faux fur that comes in rich colors, keeps you warm, and is just plain kind to the planet. We are not only kind to our fellow humans but all beings on this planet.

We want to ensure that our garments fit you perfectly; we will work with you to customize the lengths of both the blazer and the pants to take the guesswork out of alterations. If your outfit needs further tailoring, we've got you covered - we can recommend a tailor in your city and cover the cost of the future alterations!

Two sketches of the garment and then arrows pointing to different parts of the outfit describing why it is flattering:

  1. Pant Suit sketch
  2. Matching Set sketch

Example: V-NECK to narrow shoulders and provide a sleeker silhouette

Example: Halter neck ties in the back to allow x,y,z

The Process

The following section is explained through small icons in the “sahroo style” similar to our packaging and invitations.


When an order is placed, we coordinate with Natasha, our head of production (and one of our closest friends from high school!) to facilitate the process. She begins by having each garment’s pattern hand cut by our master tailor.


The fabric is then hand dyed. The dyer, who looks very much like a potions master standing over a boiling pot of water, mixes different colors, of all-natural powders, to create the colors we created for this season.  


After being dyed, the garment lays out in the sun for two days allowing the color to deepen and ripen.


Then, it is taken to be stretched and strung on the “adda” which is a wooden frame that spans about 10 feet by 10 feet. Then, four karigar (the craftsmen who do handwork on an adda) hand-embellish each and every stitch, crystal, flower or sequin onto the garment.

Karigar specialize in a type of handwork: while some focus on embroidery with a silk thread (yes, it’s that specific!), others focus solely on crystal embellishment.  Our karigar take deep pride in their work, as many of them (if not all) carry this trade in this families. When complimenting their work, we say “your hand is very clean” which means that they are able to do the most intricate and complicated embroideries and embellishments.


After the garment’s panels are fully embellished and embroidered, they are taken back to the master tailor and his team completes the final stitching. The master tailor cuts the fabric and oversees the stitching with a keen, diligent eye. Not every tailor can manage the stitching of charmeuse silk and only the most senior tailors are given the task of stitching our garment.


The entire process takes almost 15 days - a great deal of love, care, and expertise goes into each sahroo garment.

The Materials

Again, we have icons here that describe each material that we use to create our garments. Furthermore, On each shop page we will describe exactly how much of each material went into that particular garment.


All garments are crafted out of silk charmeuse. The fabric falls like silk and feels like butter. It’s incredibly elegant with a lustrous finish, but it’s also an incredibly difficult fabric to sew and takes a very experienced tailor to stitch.

We embellish our garments by hand with silk threads, crystals, sequins, glass beads, silk flowers, and silk ribbons.

*Spool of Thread*

We use over ten types of stitches in our garments, but you can see our favorite stitch, the french knot, used in almost every garment which we believe is both beautiful and highly functional.

*Silk flowers*

Silk on silk on silk, we have flowers cut in various sizes and then sewn into our garments with a french knot!

*Glass Beads*

We use two types of beads: the first, a Japanese bead,8 mm, that only the tiniest needle can support and then a much large bead that is multi-cut to catch every reflection of the light.


Internally, we refer to these as diamonds, they shimmer and radiate light.

*Silk Ribbon*

We use silk ribbons to make more flowers - as you can tell we are all about the flowers here at sahroo


Since our garments are handmade, please allow minor variation from garment to garment. Every time a new garment is made, the color is hand mixed to reach the ideal shade - this means there may be a slight different from garment to garment but we try our best to keep the color consistent.

Charmeuse silk is incredibly luxurious but equally delicate. To take care of your garment, be sure to only dry clean to maintain the integrity and quality.