the start of something new…

Dear SAHROO Brides,

When we launched in the heart of New York City in 2018, our cream-colored, heavily-feathered (and, of course, embellished) pant suit became our star set. As we spoke to more and more of our sahroo women, we learned that, coincidentally, nearly all of you were brides seeking out something different for your wedding day, rehearsal dinner, or bridal showers—featuring lots of civil ceremonies!

Within the year, we knew we had to debut a standalone bridal collection. Though as we ventured further into this space, we also saw the need for a brand that spoke to the intelligence, independence, and beauty of the modern bride.

Today, we’re over the moon to announce that the sahroo you know and cherish is devoting its efforts to wedding-wear full-time—which means: We’re a bridal brand now, baby!

Of course, we remain as committed to you and your world as ever, giving our most rapt attention to the ways in which we can forge a lovelier, more responsible world—together. We believe true sustainability begins with our own wellness journeys from within and that conscientious clothing—created with compassion and fairness throughout each step of our supply chain—is an extension of our physical wellbeing. Our painstakingly handcrafted garments extend far past the day you wear them to say “I do.”

Which brings us to how we say “I do”: A wedding is a milestone of immense significance, but it doesn’t stand alone as the most momentous instant in our long, well-lived lives. Because the sahroo bride is so much more than that. You have big, bright dreams—for yourselves, with your partner, for your universe..

You and those glimmering dreams will feel so at home with us—because we created this collection for you. And there's so much more that we can't wait to show you.