Here at sahroo, true love begins with self-love. In our never-ending quest to dote on ourselves unconditionally, we often turn to these under-the-radar facials at three of our favorite hidden gems in our New York City hometown to offer our skin a much-needed reset (and to give ourselves a moment to lie down, screen-free).

Try Organic Elements Spa, an otherwise nondescript spa experience for the greatest deep-cleansing facial in Manhattan. Book an Essential Facial treatment with Linda, who is, quite literally, the best; she doesn’t hold back, as you know you want when getting extractions. Say you’re a “sahroo bride” upon booking for a secret 30 percent off.

Next, pencil in some time downtown at Great Jones Spa for a calming and lifting recess with their Gua Sha Contouring Stone Facial, which combines traditional Chinese medicinal techniques with a rose-quartz stone facial massage to eliminate toxins and clear stagnant lymph fluid, all by massaging energy points along the face.

Did you know we carry years of tension in our face? Yikes. We absolutely swear by facial massages to help relieve all that accumulated stress in a holistic, yet physical way. Try FaceLove, a wellness center rooted in the healing power of touch that takes place in a marvelous, relaxing environment. 

Couple these facial treatments with our homemade lemon
juice to keep your insides calm, cool, and collected, too.

Put Your Health First!