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Serpentine Shorts


Our Serpentine Shorts are composed of butter georgette and lined with medium silk. A watercolor serpent climbs up on leg and is embellished with genuine rose quartz, aquamarine, and peridot with a diamante tongue. Across the hem of the other leg we have clusters of each crystal with diamontes spun in between.

All of our garments are meant to be worn in sets. Our shorts pair well with our blazer, crop top, and caftan.

The Serpentine Shorts are hand dyed, hand embellished and hand stitched from start to finish. Five artisans (one dyer, one master tailor, two hand embellishers, one hand sewer) worked on average seven days to complete this beautiful garment.

While your sahroo piece should fit perfectly, if you’d like to have your garment further tailored, we’d be happy to provide you a $25 credit. Just send us your receipt and we’ll take care of it!

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